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TORCH, the debut full-length record for Vancouver Island art-rockers GOLD & SHADOW, is a beautiful synthesis of melody and noise, calm and chaos, or if you will, gold and shadow. Touching on themes of hope, loss, conviction, and ultimately redemption, TORCH is wide in scope and sound, embellishing the guitars and drums with organs, harmonies, and widescreen ambience. A reflection of its West Coast origins, TORCH is a perfect companion to the wild, oceanic landscapes of Vancouver Island, and a testament to the hope, beauty, and inspiration found therein.


released September 4, 2015

Recorded at Risque Disque Studios, Nanaimo, BC, 2013-2015
Produced and mixed by Todd Dunsmore
Engineered and edited by Anthony Sharkey
Keyboards captured by Jim Blair at Ape Island Sound
Trumpet on “Creature Down” played by Phil Hamelin
Mastered by Joe Lambert at JLM Sound, Jersey City, NJ
Artwork by G&S, photos by Matt Lineker Photography



all rights reserved


Gold & Shadow Nanaimo, British Columbia

GOLD & SHADOW’s vigorous and organic approach to creative rock music is a perfect match for the wild, oceanic landscapes of their Vancouver Island home. Influences include Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, and Bon Iver.

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Track Name: First+Foremost
our minds - volumes of lives
we track and trace, play god and laugh
at last a leave, something to ease
and forever appease our storybook

our lives, illusions of minds
we’ll overthink the simplest things
the cycles surround
audible, touchable voices resound

first determine the pattern, the icon in us
first and foremost, the lantern, the icon in us
Track Name: Search for Sara
the search for the missing sara
the search for the missing armour
oh mama, you were my sunlight
you kept the bed warm

we searched for the broken body
we looked for the killer’s order
oh mama, inside your little locket
baby you said it wasn’t worth it!
but was it?

you were my sunlight
trickling through my veins

sara, tell me everything you are
now that I can’t even feel your pulse, and
every little thought that was going so well
every little thing timed to your heartbeat

I lie still in the clothes you wore
I won’t ever not hear you breathing
every little thought that was going so well
every little thing timed to your heartbeat
Track Name: Running out of Room
Iʼve been running out of room
to get things ready, to grow
and fight this time, and make for the water

donʼt you think it's high time we got bitter and abusive
for the winter, in a way weʼve never known?

donʼt you think agreements to abate or
lessen our degree of vicious temper
could just spoil the fun?
Track Name: Half Moon
let’s walk to the oil rig tonight
you’re in a funny state of mind
you’ll make a lunar landing site
and wait for heathens to arrive

this crazy half-melon dream
I’m only one half of this thing
we’ll try to make this work again
but I am losing patience

we’ll take the weekend
and go out to see the Providence lights
but in the shadow of the spectre
you would lose your mind

let somebody know
let somebody know you’re moving slow
walk into the room, helpless under lights
you begin to move to this half melon, half moon tonight

one step back, one step in
you were there when I didn’t know your name
one step back, one step in, one step down
Track Name: Providence
Roger Williams lays his head
beside Atlantic shores again
his belly full and heart inclined
he’s had his fill of wine

Barnaby, the fire’s lit
the waterways are full of smoke
the shadows flicker in and out
and on and on and on

we trusted you, we trusted man
we fell and then we fell again
we built a kingdom out of pushing others’ needs aside

O God, you know what we deserve
how could you sit so fastly
in the face of what you’ve heard?

(only God can clear your name, faithful and true to us all)
Track Name: Kings
God, you are wholly seeking our best
this I know
but I’ve stood stark naked and alone
and left you cold

when action calls, and I’m shivering small
and I won’t go
and disbelief replaces what I’ve always known
my weakness shows

I’ve fought you for some of this control
and shrunk so small
losing sight of what I really know
I am not my own!

when He paid the price,
I was purchased by the King of kings
this I know

friends commit their bodies and their hands
to worthless ends
but here I stand, I’m deaf to His commands
again, again!

when He paid the price,
you were purchased by the King of kings
this I know
Track Name: Creature Down
while I stand watch, I take watch
it’s your small bed of ashes
compliance has followed from sorrow
mechanical & null

heavy lifting, please,
this could never be

while I stand watch, idle by,
count the freckles on your cheek
and why the sheer weight of a mattress and a boxspring?
now we are void of the charge that sent us flying out

you lay your head back down
these mentally matching ills
you lay your head back down

you gave up nothing but your crown
these mentally matching ills
you lay your head back down
Track Name: Waiting for the Unwind
I would leave the house, I would set the forest flames
I would ream you out in front of every silent thing
every walk alone, every step into the dark
they would make their mark

I came here to see what music moving could achieve
I spent the next few months in this Chevy van seat
all this time with you, spent in closest company
we would bare our teeth

yet what is grown here, what is grown here is good

to leave and not look back
is not what I had hoped, was not the plan
is that where I went wrong?
I called it off in California, I never thought I’d say

that what is grown here, what is grown here is good

I would curse the day I ever called this an escape
fully paralyzed, but giving way to something great
I could use a light as I deconstruct this pride
what is left inside?

I set the number, I set the time, waiting for the unwind
Track Name: Torch
you said it’s not in what i say, but rather what I do
(i’ll light a torch for you)

you said you’re coming to restore, you’re coming to renew
(you’ll make all things new)